Get Six Pack Abs with the Bicycle Crunch

It is possible to bicycle crunch your way to great abs and a sexy stomach. This exercise will work out your obliques, your rectus abdominus, and all of the core muscles that having a flat and toned stomach depends on. Many abdominal exercises have a high risk of injury if the exercise is not properly performed. In addition many exercises require equipment or accessories that can be expensive and that take up space.

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This has been called one of the best possible exercises to get your core and abdomen in shape. The motions that this workout consists of will leave you feeling the burn, with sweat running off and a doubt about whether you can continue or not in some cases. Start by doing 10 crunches on each side, alternating from one side to the other. As you get into shape you can increase the number of crunches that you do in a single session.

The bicycle crunch exercise is one that many personal trainers recommend. The first step is to lay on the floor with the lower back area pressed flat. Allow your hands to rest lightly behind your head but make sure that you do not place any tension on your neck or put pressure on these tissues. Next move your legs so that your knees are angled at about 45 degrees.

When you start to do the exercise you will alternate, first touching the left elbow and right knee together and then switching off to the right elbow and the left knee. Make sure that your motions are slow and that you stay in control of the movements. At first you may only be able to perform 5-10 crunches per side but this will improve the more you perform the crunch.

If you want to have sexy abs that are toned, trim, and well defined then the bicycle crunch may be the right exercise to meet these goals. After doing this exercise every day for 2 weeks you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference that you can see and feel. After a month of regular sessions with this exercise the results achieved can be drastic.

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5 Steps to a Perfect Bicycle Crunch

5 Steps To A Perfect Bicycle Crunch

1. Lay Down- The first step to a perfect bicycle crunch is to lay down on the floor. Make sure that your back is straight and that you are comfortable. Press your lower back flat firmly against the floor, making sure not to use too much pressure. A thin mat can be used as long as it is not so thick that it changes the position of your back or lessens the effort needed to perform this exercise properly.

2. Position Your Arms- After you are flat on the floor place your hands behind your neck, clasping the neck gently without applying any pressure at all. Make sure that you do not use your hands to pull yourself up once you start the crunches, your abdominal muscles should do all the work. Your hands should only rest on your neck, there should be no tension on the neck tissues.

3. Angle Your Knees- After you have correctly positioned your hands for the bicycle crunch you will need to bring up your knees. Your knees should form a 45 degree angle to be positioned correctly, so that it is easy to move your legs up and down without restriction. Modifications can be made by adjusting the knee angle according to your individual fitness needs. This allows you to make this exercise easier or more difficult, depending on how the knee angle is changed.

4. Touch Knee And Elbow- After you are properly positioned you will bring your left elbow down and your right knee up until the two meet. Use slow movements that are tightly controlled. If this is done properly you will feel the abdominal muscles working hard and the burn will quickly set in. If it is not possible at first to touch your knee and elbow together then go as far as you can without causing any injury.

5. Switch Sides- The next step with the bicycle crunch is to switch sides. This time bring your right elbow and left knee together, using the same controlled movements and slow pace. Alternate between both sides until you have completed anywhere from 10 to 25 repetitions.

Modifications to the Bicycle Crunch

1. Add Weights- Adding weights to a bicycle crunch will increase the difficulty. This increase can be a little or a lot, depending on the amount of weight that is added. Wrist and ankle weights come in various sizes, and these can be added in a small amount or higher weights. If the typical exercise is not challenging enough then adding weights can give better results and present more of a physical fitness challenge.

2. Extend The Leg Movement- Another way to modify this exercise and make it more physically challenging is to extend the leg movement after the knee and elbow touches. An extension may work out additional muscle groups and make the exercise harder to complete. As you are lowering your knee and leg back towards the floor take it one step further and extend your leg as far as it will go.

3. Use An Exercise Mat- For some individuals a bicycle crunch may be uncomfortable because this exercise requires laying on the hard floor. An exercise mat can eliminate discomfort without affecting your movements or the results that you get. As long as you make sure that your lower back actually touches the mat and is not arched upwards then using a mat will not lessen the impact that this exercise can have. Choose the thinnest mat possible while staying fairly comfortable.

4. Only Come Partly Up- If you have certain physical limitations then a full motion for this exercise may not be possible. If you can not manage to touch your elbows to your knees you can still work out your core muscles. Instead of coming all the way up only go as far as you can without any pain. Go to your limit but do not go further than this or you could cause injury to yourself.

5. Increase Or Decrease The Knee Angle- Another way to modify the bicycle crunch is to change the knee angle that is used. This angle change can be made to make the exercise easier or harder, depending on why the modifications are made. Find the angle that feels the best while still causing you to exert yourself and working out the targeted muscle groups.

How to Modify The Bicycle Crunch for Your Individual Fitness Needs

The bicycle crunch is an exercise that almost every personal trainer and physical fitness expert will recommend. What if you have certain physical limitations or there are unique fitness needs that you have? This exercise can be modified to almost any physical limitation. The motion of each repetition can be increased or decreased, making the exercise harder or easier than intended. If your movement is limited then make sure that you stretch first, and then only go as far as you can without any pain or extreme discomfort.

While you are doing this crunch make sure that you do not pull or push on the neck with your hands. This can injure your neck muscles and make it harder for you to get in shape or stay that way. If the exercises causes pain or discomfort from the hard floor you can use an exercise mat for padding as long as you make sure your back is properly positioned.

Bicycle crunch exercises can be used by almost everyone. Teens, adults, and even the elderly can normally perform this exercise. Modifications to make this routine harder can include using wrist and ankle weights to increase the exertion required. Try to make your movements as slow and controlled as possible. Resist the temptation to speed up the movements because this will lessen the workout that the abdominal muscles receive.

If you want to slim down, tone your stomach, or lose weight and stubborn body fat then this exercise is the right one to choose. The high intensity level and cardiovascular benefits that are provided make this exercise ideal for almost anyone to use. Modifications can help you create an exercise that meets all of your fitness needs and limitations while still giving you great results.

The bicycle crunch is called one of the best exercises for the abdominal muscles, and this is for good reasons. This exercise can be more effective and easier to do than sit ups, and there is also a lower chance of injury as well. The crunch can be modified to meet any medical conditions or physical limitations, and there are also modifications that will increase the effectiveness and results achieved.

Benefits of Bicycle Crunch Ab Exercises

1. Weight Loss- The bicycle crunch exercise offers many benefits. One of these is the weight loss that will occur when these crunches are performed on a regular basis. This crunch looks and seems simple, but it is an intense workout that will quickly tire you out and cause considerable weight loss when combined with a sensible diet and other exercises. The intensity of the exercise means that you burn more calories each time you do a repetition, and you will continue burning more calories for hours afterward.

2. Improve Muscle Strength And Mass- When this exercise is performed on a regular basis then you will notice that the muscles worked out will become stronger, and you will build muscle tissue at the same time. Muscle tissue requires more calories for your body to maintain, so building muscle strength and mass means you will stay at your ideal weight.

3. A Stronger Core- Your core muscles are extremely important. These muscles position your body and ensure proper movement. The bicycle crunch will cause you to build a stronger core and prevent aches and pains caused by poor muscle strength or inadequate muscle tissues. Core strength determines many things, including posture and physical ability. When you have a strong core you have everything you need for ideal physical fitness and health.

4. A Flatter Stomach- The movement that this exercise uses will help you achieve a flatter stomach, without any extra fat or pudgy layers. This crunch encourages fat loss around the waist and in the stomach area, giving you a flat and toned stomach that you will be proud to show off. If you are trying to get a bikini body or you want to look great without a shirt then this exercise can do the trick and help you reach these goals.

5. Better Abdominal Definition- The bicycle crunch will help give you incredible muscle definition when you include this exercise as part of your regular workout regimen. You will develop a six pack that stands out and gets noticed everywhere you go. By strengthening the muscles and encouraging fat loss in the abdomen you will define the individual muscles so that they are very noticeable.

What is the Bicycle Crunch?

What is a bicycle crunch? This is an exercise that can help strengthen and tone the core muscles and those in the abdomen. When this exercise is performed correctly and done on a regular basis the results can be fantastic. The exercise is easy to learn and simple to perform but it is intense enough to give ideal results and let you feel the effort. This is one exercise that will work well no matter what other exercises you include in a workout session.

To perform the exercise properly you will need to lay down flat on the floor. Make sure that your lower back is pressed snug against the floor. Put your hands behind the neck to provide support, but make sure that you do not pull on the neck instead of just supporting it. Place your knees at an approximate 45 degree angle, and then start to make the motions of pedaling a bike.

To perform the bicycle crunch properly you will need to touch your elbow to the opposite knee. Start with your left elbow, slowly bringing your left elbow and right knee together. Now switch sides and touch the right elbow to the left knee. Keep your motions slow, making sure that each movement is carefully controlled. Continue to switch sides, alternating so that all of the muscles are fully worked out.

When you first start with this exercise you may only be able to do 10 repetitions, but over time you will build up your ability. Ideally you will finally be able to do 25-30 repetitions at a time. It takes time to build up your core muscles, and you should be careful at first not to cause injury by pushing yourself too hard. Slowly increase the number of these crunches until you get the results you want.

A bicycle crunch is a great exercise for anyone who wants to tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles. These crunches will give you the flat toned abs that everyone dreams off, without spending a fortune on equipment or taking drastic steps that may be dangerous. All that is needed to do this exercise is a floor and motivation.

The Proper Technique for Bicycle Crunch Ab Exercises

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